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Residential Painting Services

Need your house painted? We've got you covered. We offer all interior and exterior painting services for any large or small residential home. Plus, we're 100% locally owned and operated - So you know you've got a local you know you can trust. 

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We are happy to work on part of your home or a complete home. Many homes have mould issues, so we have designed a total mould kill and re-paint service. Just ask us! Colour advice also available.

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Garage Floors and Driveways

Old concrete made to look great with sealers. 2Pac Epoxy coatings are our specialty. Ask for our advice to give yours a fantastic finish.

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If you have peeling paint, mould, or just need a colour change or fresh finish, we can cater for you. Our team of qualified, efficient and experienced painters are ready to solve your problems. Colour consultancy available.

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Roof Cleaning and Painting

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Units or

Body Corp

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Dint and Dent


Your roof is an important part of your home. Whether you need a clean up or full roof paint we can offer a range of coatings to suit your needs.

Buying or owning a unit is an important investment. If you owner occupy or lease it, then maintenance is a big thing. We can give you quality paintwork to keep its value whether you are moving in or a vacate job is needed. Single unit or the whole complex - we can handle it!

Accidents do happen and then there are other disasters. A small patch up job is easy for our team but if its big we can still help. What we don't do ourselves would be done by professional Gyprockers, then, we simply paint.

Painting Cairns Home for 30+years
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Why take the risk of just having anyone paint your home, when having the best house painters in Cairns costs no more? Pro-Cote Painting Cairns have been painting and decorating Cairns homes for over 30 years and know exactly what your home needs.

Our paintwork and services have been awarded over 100 building and painting awards at both state and national level.

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